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Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Emma is a 2 Star Licensed Parelli Professional and level 4 graduate of the Parelli Programme.


Horses have always been a huge part of my life. I have owned, ridden and worked with horses for nearly 30 years and gained experience with a multitude of different horses in every discipline from Hunting to Western Riding.

I have a degree in Equine Science and spent many years as a riding Instructor. I began studying Natural Horsemanship in 2008 and in 2011 I attained my Parelli Professional Status. My passion is to empower students to achieve their horsemanship goals naturally through communication and psychology.

My Teachers

My levels horse Cooper has been with me since he was a yearling. We have been through every trial and tribulation, problem and frustration you could imagine. Prior to starting the Parelli Programme I would have labelled him a little lazy, incredibly stubborn and argumentative. Now I realise I could easily have been describing myself! He has taken me through the levels programme to L4 and taught me more than anyone about seeing life from the horses point of view, the importance of developing a willing partner not a good robot and oh so much about emotional fitness. There is nothing this horse won’t turn a hoof to and I couldn’t ask for a more calm, smart, brave and athletic partner. More recently Cooper has been helping me with my work in Equine Assisted learning and has had several trips to prisons around the country helping to teach offenders how to modify their body language and behaviour.

This is Cheya, my dream horse. She has been with me from a weanling, she is a 5yr old exuberant and high spirited American Paint. She reminds me to improve my leadership daily and brings me great joy with her wild antics. She has a very individual view of the world which not everyone shares. She is my ray of sunshine always reinforcing the importance of fun and laughter in my horsemanship. Sadly Cheya suffers from degenerative joint disease and is currently retired from ridden work but along with Cooper has visited prisons around the country to help offenders with their behaviour. She is particularly offended by agitated or aggressive energy and is great at helping people find neutral and calm.

Sadly Cheya passed away late in 2013 leaving a huge hole. She is greatly missed and I am forever grateful for the lessons she taught me.

Zeb is a 5yr old Quarter Horse x American Paint. He came to me as a project last year with some very extreme trust issues and a fear of pretty much anything that moved or made a noise. Any sudden movement would be a cause for him to run for the hills. He was very wary of people and had a history of being difficult to catch. I'm pleased to say that after four months he is much calmer and now able to deal confidently with everyday people, objects and noises. He is always the first to greet me and is easy to catch. He is innately a very curious horse and everything goes in his mouth! I started him very lightly under saddle and hope to progress both his ridden and groundwork in 2014. He should make a good trail horse and will help me with my work in Equine Assisted Learning as he is reliably worried by high energy or aggressive behaviour.

Maddy is a 3yr old Quarter Horse who has been with me since she was 18 months old. Initially she was a bit of a shrinking violet, very obedient but generally very quiet. This year she seems to have come into her own and is turning out to be very playful and exuberant. She has a worryingly big buck so watch this space to see how she goes once started under saddle. Bucking aside I hope that she chooses a career in reining rather than rodeo as I will be aiming her training towards high level western performance.

True Unity Horsemanship