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Greetings everyone, hope you are all ready for the spring clock change this weekend and the lovely long days ahead of us. With all that extra time to play with our horses here is my summer workshop schedule which should keep you on track and progressing your horsemanship over the summer months.

If you are interested in any of the workshops please contact me by email to book your space.

Workshops at Strand Stables Quainton HP22 4AS

17th May 2015 - Take your online to the next level

Stuck in a level? Not being progressive or boring your horse? This multi level workshop will give you the keys to take your on line savvy to the next level.

10am to 4pm

Students in level 2 and above with horses

14th June 2015 - Impulsion. The secret of how to get your go and whoa equal.

Horse won't go? Or maybe he won't stop? Both can be equally frustrating but this workshop will give you the Impulsion strategies to shorten your impulsive horse and motivate those less enthusiastic about moving.

10am to 4pm

Multi level with horses

28th June 2015 - Horseless Workshop - Leadership

Horses are natural followers, looking for natural leaders. Learn. what sort of a leader are you, the sort of leader your horse needs you to be and the habits and skills you can develop to be that leader.

Half Day

Multi level theory and simulations

12th July 2015 - Freestyle, Fluidity in Riding

Learn how to flow with the go and really feel like one with your horse.

10am to 4pm

Multi level workshop with horses.

Workshops with horses 60 members 70 non members . Horseless workshops 20 members 25 non members.

Other local events -

June 6 and 7 Introduction to Parelli with Jo Bates and Emma Letchford in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

Bookings are now being taken for this two-day clinic with Jo and Emma, which will focus on helping new students get started with the Parelli method

  • Day 1 Saturday 10am to 4pm
    • Morning - Parelli Demonstrations
    • Afternoon The theory behind the method, Parelli Natural Horsemanship explained.

  • Day 2 Sunday 9.30 to 5pm
    • Level 1 clinic - introduction to the Seven Games Online
  • Cost for both days (with horse place on Sunday) 80; cost for Saturday only 30; Sunday spectators 15
  • Both days free to spectate for level 1+ graduates.
  • Stabling available at 15 per night inclusive of bedding only.

True Unity Horsemanship